A Unique Combination Of Distinguished, High Energy, And Stylish

Alexander Padei loves putting together a fantastic musical experience for his clients.

A DJ, Host and Singer (not to mention a Music Producer and Director) Alexander Padei has been in and around music for more than two decades

His international portfolio of experience, Classical cello to House, R&B, Reggaeton, Island, Jazz and more gives him a diverse perspective and approach to music

Meanwhile, he is a Harvard graduate with a decade of business, entrepreneurial, and event planning experience. He's a charm to work with. 

Whether you need a high energy house set, a hip hop rager or smooth cocktail energy, Padei's got you covered.

Every client gets a 100% guarantee on quality of performance and customer service.

And he kiiiind of looks like the Duke from Bridgerton

…hey, it doesn't hurt…

DJ Alexander Padei is not only a talented DJ but a true artist who is able to feel the pulse of his audience and create an ambiance of joy and celebration through his choice of music.

DJ Ursal - Head Organizer - Harvard Business School HBAP Program 2022 Reunion